ProxyScraper PRO

With ProxyScraper PRO you no longer need to copy your proxies from various proxy lists - instead you feed your list of proxy sites into ProxyScraper PRO and it will crawl them, extract the proxies, and store them for you. It verifies each proxy, does geo location lookup, and can even be tested against custom URLs. 

What about protected proxy list sites??

Javascript protection, as well as, obfuscation of proxy list websites is not a problem. ProxyScraper PRO has a very high extraction rate because of the highly advanced extraction mechanism.

Proxy Management

An intuitive management interface allows you to sort your proxies into customized groups using parameters.

You're also able to run health checks which allow you to:

  • see the reliability and response time of each proxy, allowing you to sort out the unwanted
  • determine whether the proxy is classified as Elite, Anonymous, or Transparent
  • check if the proxy supports HTTPS
  • check up to 5 custom URL's if the proxy got banned

With ProxyScraper PRO, you will always have a good overview of all your proxies and will never have chaos!


Local Proxy Server

With ProxyScraper PRO, you can run a local proxy server that uses one of your proxy groups to randomly spread the requests throughout diffrent proxies. This allows you to connect any kind of application to the local proxy server. You can even work on different divices at the same time by connecting them on the local network.

The local proxy server supports HTTP/HTTPS, custom port, and logging of requests.

Import and Crawling

With ProxyScraper PRO, you can:

  • Crawl URL’s with JavaScript execution to bypass obfuscations
  • Import URL’s from Text file, Input and HTML
  • Import Proxies from Text file and Input
  • Show how many proxies were found per URL

Helpful Powertools

Powertools automates the process of:

  • Extracting URL’s from HTML and Input
  • Extracting Proxies from Input


ProxyScraper PRO gives you complete control of:

  • Threads
  • Timeouts
  • Blacklist
  • Health check of custom URL's
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