On how many PC's can I use one license?

You can use your license only on one PC. Your license is bound to that PC and cannot be transferred. If you want to transfer your license to another PC, or you have reset your Windows, can we provide you with a free new license.

Is the license valid for a certain period of time?

No, your license has no expiration date.

Does ProxyScraper PRO get updated?

Yes, we try to bring out updates on a regular basis so that you can profit from new feautures and improvements. 

How can I download the Software?

After you purchase a license, you'll receive an email with your personal download link.

Do you also accept cryptocurrency?

Yes, we accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, and Monero. If you want to make a purchase and pay with cryptocurrencies, please contact us over the contact form.

What platforms and versions are supported?

ProxyScraper PRO runs only on Windows at the moment. We support Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 in 64 Bit version. You can contact us if you want a 32 Bit version.

What languages are supported?

We currently only support English.

I did not recieve a license key?

Your email most likely ended up in your spam folder of your email account.

I could not find an answer here, can I contact you?

Of course. You can contact us over the contact form and we will try to respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.